Thorn earrings

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Description: When you realize, love comes in many ways…soft, sweet, warm or sometimes with bunch of thorns…you will definitely love the thorn earrings and you will style yourself up with lots of hearts…

sunkissed skin, salted hair and your favourite accesories is the marivee summer…

Jewel yourself up with high end quality materials, colors and unique textures.

Materials: -handcrafted with love

-zamak metallic heart

-enamel heart cover

 -silver hooks

-agate stone detail

ss23 Manifesto…

Insipired by hot summer days basking in the sun with salty hair, sun kissed skin and extravagant sunsets…

When your inner voice is screaming, reveal yourself, be bold, show your emotions and expectations, who you are and what your beliefs are.

Embellish your life… jewelry and accessories are your personal style stamp.

It’s time for your personal fashion revolution…

Owning your story, is the bravest thing you’ll ever do….



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